I’ve released over 50 small free-to-play games and interactive stories over the past 8 years, which are available on PC, web or Android devices. They are a combination of serious, mischievous, absurd and personal. Common themes include the supernatural, folklore and myths, fan-games (based on existing books and music), autobiographical. They’re mostly 3D, retro-style, or story led explorations, and I used a variety of tools , including Twine, Game Guru, Bitsy, Processing, Javascript, Pico-8, and Pocket Code to create them. You can play many of them here. I’ve also run narrative game-making workshops, including at The British Library, the University of Roehampton and creative festivals.

The main project I’m currently working on is The Midnight Detective Club – a supernatural teen detective mystery featuring a fictional 1980’s synth-pop band.

A few responses to some of my games

Game Curator: Midwinter Spirits – “A mystical as well as atmospheric Bitsy experience.”

Big Boss Battle: The Haunting of Guildford Castle – “very captivating in the way that it presents this spooky story…”

Game Curator: Smell The Roses – “…cute details and hidden ‘secrets’ as well as the both random feeling, but funny endings complete this game. Quite wonderful!”

Overly Positive: Meditations game – “It was both fun and visually satisfying…” “…and the idea is that while we are all unique and individual, that we should remember both where we came from, and how similar we might be to the others around us, even if it might not be as apparent.”

I’m open to new creative opportunities. Get in touch if you want to involve me in a project or run a workshop.