New ice line drift track

Circling a Drifting Vessel is another ambient rhythmic but beatless electronic instrumental I’ve released for the Ice Line Drift music project. It’s on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Soundcloud, Amazon, etc etc. Links to most major streaming services here:

Link to Bandcamp page here:

There’s also a video for the track on Youtube.

Original footage from Cottonbro and Zlatin Georgiev on, manipulated and edited by myself.



All of the tracks for the Ice Line Drift project have now been released on Bandcamp. You can also find them on other streaming and download services. This includes the latest track, an ambient beat-free version of I Saw Three Ships. As the ambient version of The Holly and the Ivy went down so well this time last year, I thought I’d create some more music for people to drift off to during a quiet Christmas night.